Born and raised in Upstate NY my love for creating started when I was a child. I was 1 out of 6 children in a chaotic and noisy Italian home. Drawing and painting gave me immense peace, all of the constant chatter and noise disappeared as my imagination became louder.
Throughout the years I worked with my art teachers using different mediums to build my portfolio.
My dreams to go to college for art were brought to a halt when I was told by my parents it was not an option; I would instead go to cosmetology school, following the footsteps of my grandmother and aunt. Yet I still made the time to create by drawing, painting, and designing jewelry.
It suited me well allowing me to still be artistic. 

Years past as I experienced many of life’s challenges, which included being a working single mom.
In 2000 I trusted my intuition and moved to SC. It was the perfect fit from the start , unfortunately I had to put my art on the back burner again as I rebuilt my life as a single parent and hairstylist.
18 years later as my son drove away to start his new life ,an overwhelming feeling of loss washed over me.  At this point my business was thriving, I was healthy, family and friends were all good..but something was still missing.

After the unexpected passing of my nephew I found myself searching for questions about life.
I innately started meditating on my own, with no formal instructions. Over time  a shift started. I found myself seeking as much knowledge and experiences as I could possibly grasp .
Like little stepping stones I was introduced to Shaman Dr. Wendy Perrell and with her help I found my true souls purpose. Creating my art.

Immediately I immersed myself back into it taking classes in various mediums.  As soon as I picked up a paintbrush it was pure joy.
I found myself meditating before I would create asking for inspiration and guidance.  Incorporating that positive energy into all of my art. 

The best advice I have ever received from an instructor was to paint for myself, no one else.  If they happen to like it then even better!
Meditation Artworks seemed like the perfect name for my creations. 
Hope it brings you peace and positive vibes! Elizabeth

“Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul” - Alice Walker